Different Generations, Different Expectations

Intergenerational Coaching

For the first time in recent history, we have four generations actively and near equally represented in the workforce.  Today’s leaders cannot fall back on one leadership style or process and hope to keep every member of their teams operating at top efficiency.  The workspace expectations and leader expectations have changed between the baby boomer generation (1946 to 1964), generation X (1965 to 1980), millennial generation (1981 to 1996), and generation Z (1997 to 2012).  Each generation has been shaped by their experiences, world events, and popular culture, changing their attitudes, desires, and behaviors from previous and future generations.  Knowing the basis from which generational group has been formed will allow leaders and coworkers to better understand and gain respect not only other generations but also their own.  This will increase efficiency, effectiveness and employee retention through a shared understanding and respect. 

We often hear about stepping outside ourselves, but rarely about stepping outside our generation.
​– Criss Jami, American Poet

Polaris Strategies comes from more than ten years of leading very diverse teams.  Diversity is measured not just in race, religion, and political belief, but age as well.  With Inter-generational Coaching, we can assist in bringing a synergy and harmony to your small business that will benefit the organization both in tangible and intangible results.

The very core of our American democracy is a country founded on the promise of opportunity for all. The strength of country, and our Navy, comes from embracing the individual uniqueness of our people — race, gender, ethnicity, cultural heritage, talents, skills, ideas, creativity, age and much more.
– Navy Knowledge Online Training Module

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