The Formation of Polaris Strategies LLC.

Owned by a Navy veteran, and passionate about the strength of military techniques, a nautical business theme was inevitable.

Using the North Star, also known as Polaris, early sailors were able to navigate through difficult waters to new shores. Polaris is the focus of much of astral navigation since late antiquity due to its presence in direct line with Earth’s rotational axis and consistent clarity. It has been a constant and steadfast point in the northern skies, being included in many different forms of literature and poetry. This was a perfect analogy for a business consulting firm who desired to guide the “captains” of small businesses to new and better situations. Polaris Strategies LLC. prides itself on its clarity, and guiding presences just like its namesake.

The compass is also imaged in the company logo as another nod to one of mankind’s earliest forms of guidance. This device allowed sailors to traverse the seas even in the worst possible weather when the sun and stars were no longer visible. Present day compasses, though more accurate and detailed than their predecessors, still guide our society through their durability and cost-effectiveness despite newer technologies have been developed. Polaris Strategies LLC. will help guide your company while providing the best value without all the fancy frills that cost extra.

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